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30th Aug 2011, 4:02 AM


Blogging in Belgium

Heeeeellllloooo reader(s?) of the blog.
>Yep, this one’s one-panel. It’s a nonconformist! Also, Rule of Drama.
>I know I always say this, but the author comment and alt-text are really funny. Welcome back, Michael!
>Fun facts:
    -This is the last hand-drawn Chronodisplaced. Next week is coming to you in shiny new Tablet-Drawn-Vision!
    -Wow, re-reading the next few strips, this is a SUPER cliffhanger. Then again, more time with your lovely other characters! And some new ones (ooh! Aah!)
    -What, is that guy reaching under his coat for something? Something mysterious and possibly dangerous?
>Check out our new avatar! You can see it on our comic profile, link in teeny font at the bottom of the page.


21st Aug 2011, 8:10 AM


Life is amaaaazing.

>Early update, you guys! Yay, party! LOOK. NEW CHARACTERS.
>Speaking of characters, I recently saw mine IRL and it was awesome and they are talented! Also, I met some of our fans and they’re all super cool :D To name just a few, hi David, hi Azul!
>Fun facts:
    -I had never seen this one before and it is BLOWING MY MIND.
    -In case it’s not clear, *that* is the mysterious voice.
    -If anyone complains about it looking like the TARDIS, just think about this: if you made a time machine, would you not design it to be the TARDIS? Yes. Yes you would. Unless you’re a sucky non-Whovian. In which case you should become one, advice of the author!
>This just makes me happy. As does Miranda’s author comment, which is hilarious. She could totally be the writer, too, am I right?


16th Aug 2011, 11:55 AM


Now with extra words.

Oh hey there! It’s me back!
>Apparently, nothing exploded! This is wonderful.
>We hope you like these strips! They’re even *plot-advancive*! I’m pretty sure we had a record number of visitors. Thank you!
>Fun facts, double edition!
    -Nobody seems to know what an atrium is... google it.
    -There’s also a crowd. How’s that for you, Benevolent Art Goddess?
    -This strip marks the appearance of all our main characters! There are, in fact, seven.
    -It’s NOT the TARDIS. Believe the yet-to-be-embodied voice.
    -This was the first strip ever written.
    -Ignore the colors changing, it’s a technical error.
>Aaaand lastly, something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. My boyfriend Chris has a webcomic, too, and it’s amazing- I’m not just saying that. Here’s a link, finally: (just copypasta into the browser thingy). Now go love it.


8th Aug 2011, 3:33 PM



Hey, all!

Alix and Michael left for camp, so I'm steering this ship all by my lonesome for the next couple of weeks. I'm running out of buffer strips and trying to get used to the tablet before we run out of stuff :/ 

This is a brief post. 

Wish me luck, I love you all!

~Miranda the Benevolent Art Goddess

2nd Aug 2011, 2:03 PM


We pwnz at consistency



>I just got back from VidCon 2011! Some of the most fun I’ve ever had. Physically... and mentally...exhausted. Nerimon reference! What?

>Thanks to everyone who’s shared us on Facebook. Unless it is lying (which it does tend to do), around 50 people have shared us. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

>Fun facts:

-Anna really is like this in real life.

-I have to say I love all the expressions in this one. Not so much a fun fact as me praising my artist. 

-She also wrote the punchline. OH GOD SHE’S TAKING OVER. I kid. That would never happen. I would make her draw Theian bus-marathons (which is something of a spoiler- you’ll understand later...).

>Again, LOVE. And we promise to get off the bus next week.